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Oil Painting of an Elephant on Leather: Leather Art


“Charging Bull Elephant”

Size: 87cm W x 110cm H


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Oil painting of an elephant on leather. The leather is brown in colour and blends beautifully with the dust and brown earth of the dry bush.

This oil painting depicts a charging African elephant with dust flying in the African savanna. The large tusks show the age and status of this magnificent animal.

Oil Painting of an Elephant Details

Size: 87cm W x 110cm H

Format: Portrait

This painting is available to Southern Africa ONLY.

With the various restrictions and customs controls of leather products into so many countries, it is advisable to investigate the restrictions into your country of destination in advance. Elephant leather requires a cites licence and is restricted in certain countries. Plains game leather has less restrictions and is easier to handle across borders.

Commission a Painting

If you would like to request a commission on leather please feel free to contact me with your enquiry.

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