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Maasai Warrior Painting: Maasai Art on Leather


“Maasai Warrior”

Size: 66cm W x 83cm H

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Maasai warrior painting in oil on leather depicting the traditional jewellery and head dress typical of the Maasai tribe in Kenya.

This Masai Art is painted on high quality brown leather.

The oil painting showcases the traditional hairstyle and handmade adornments that this warrior tribe are famous for. He is portrayed in the typical stance synonymous of this tall, lean tribe.

The oil paint medium is pliable and will not crack or peel off the leather.

This artwork can be mounted onto a board cut to the shape of the leather for hanging. Another option is for it to be stretched onto a frame with leather thongs for a rustic effect. Alternatively it can hang naturally from a wooden or metal pole. Or else the traditional method of framing behind glass in a frame is good. Any one of these options will be very effective.

How to Care for this Maasai Warrior Painting

Please take care not to allow direct sunlight onto the painting as both the leather and the artwork will fade in those areas. Water or moisture damage will occur if allowed to get wet, water spots will mark the leather.

Maasai Warrior Painting Details

Size: 66cm W x 83cm H

This product is available in the UK only.

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