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Elephant Oil Painting: African Elephant on Leather


“Elephants at Watering Hole”

Size: 2m25cm W x 1m H

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Elephant oil painting on brown buffalo leather. This painting is of a herd of African elephants at a watering hole drinking at the end of a hot African day.

Because of its very large size, it will make a stunning eye catcher in any home.

The Buffalo leather is dark brown with a soft, smooth texture. The leather is sturdy making the painting of elephants durable and pliable, making rolling up of the leather for transport easy and simple. The oil paint will not crack or peel off as it is not painted thickly onto the leather.

This impressive African elephant oil painting can be mounted onto board for hanging or else stretched with leather thongs onto a frame for a rustic effect. Alternatively it can be left to hang naturally from a wood or metal pole. Any of these choices will make an impression in your home.

Care must still be taken not to allow direct sunlight onto the elephant art as both the leather and the painting will fade in those areas. Water or moisture must also be avoided as this will mark the leather.

Elephant Oil Painting For Sale Details

Size: 2m25cm W x 1m H

Format: Landscape

With the various restrictions and customs controls of leather products into so many countries, it is advisable to investigate the restrictions into your country of destination in advance. Plains game leather (bovine leather) has less restrictions and is easier to import across borders. Bovine generally requires a veterinary certificate for importation into country of destination.

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