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Color Pencil Drawings For Sale

Color Pencil Drawings for Sale

Welcome to my color pencil drawings for sale.

The artist coloring pencils I work with are of a high quality to prevent fading and discoloring with age.

Drawings that have a white background are drawn on textured watercolor paper. I like working on this medium, as it compliments my color pencil drawing techniques by giving the finished artwork an interesting texture.

Alternatively, the paper used for drawings with a colored background is pastel paper. This also provides a texture which creates a nice tonal quality to the finished artwork.

Delivery of Color Pencil Drawings

Shipping: Color Pencil Drawings for Sale

These drawings on paper can be rolled in a tube for shipping or else flat packed. Shipping will be via a courier service that provides tracking details.

Dependent on your destination – shipping will take between 4 and 14 days.

Delivery and Opening of Artwork

When receiving your drawing be careful when opening and removing from the tube. You do not want to smudge the pencil work. You may want to take it to your framer/art shop for safety purposes.

The drawing will require to be flattened after being in the tube – be mindful not to bend or crease the paper as these are very difficult marks to remove.

Care of Pencil Drawings

A pencil drawing requires glass and mounts when being framed to protect from dust and insect marks. This gives longevity to the artwork.

It is also advisable to place your painting where there will be no direct sunlight. This prevents fading and sun damage to the paper – this is especially true of colored paper as it may fade at different rates depending on where the sun is shining on it. You don’t want to end up with uneven shades of paper color.

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