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African Art Pictures

African Art Pictures

The following African art pictures displayed in my gallery contain a small sample of commissions I have undertaken for various clients worldwide. Included are a selection of personal art pieces that I was inspired to do.

Art is far more accessible to people all over the world today with the world wide web bringing art right to your home. Original art is now bought directly from the artist from the comfort of your living room. 

No more visiting galleries or attending exhibitions far afield to find what you are looking for. Cut out the middleman, and buy your art directly at the artist’s price.

The advantage of buying online is that if you like the style of the artist you are looking at – you can very easily order a commission if you do not see the subject matter you are looking for.

So, when looking at my African art pictures gallery, if you do not see the scene you are wanting, contact me with your request!

African Art Pictures Gallery

Oils on Canvas & Board

I use two mediums of oil paint – Watercolor Oils and Artists Oils.

I like to use the watercolor oil paint when doing portraits as it creates a good facial tone and light balance. It is a very flexible medium to paint with.

They create soft effects just like watercolor, as well as the strong heavier characteristics of Artists Oils.

Graphite Pencils

With graphite pencil I draw on watercolor paper or pastel paper to achieve some texture to the drawing. 

There are many brands of watercolor paper with different textures to them. Choose which you prefer to use according to the subject matter and personal taste.

Color Pencils

With colored pencils, I achieve texture in the drawings by using either watercolor paper or pastel paper as it has a “tooth”. 

Pastel paper comes in a large range of colors which makes for variations in your drawings and is fun to draw on. The different paper colors also add interest to the drawing.


Chalk pastels are my medium of choice – with so many methods on how to use soft pastels you can create big bold art or soft gentle drawings. 

I like creating the lovely soft effects in the eyes. Then I change to the bolder strokes of the chalk sticks that work really well with the cat family to achieve the fur movement. 

I then use pastel pencils for the finer details around the ears, eyes and mouth.

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