Welcome to my leather artwork for sale.

The artist oil colors I work with are of a high quality to prevent fading and discoloring with age.

These oil paintings are done on leather. The leather used can include elephant, hippo and bovine (which is buffalo, cattle, goat and plains game). Plains game are impala and kudu etc. These all come with licenses and veterinary certificates.

Elephant hide importation is dependent on the country of destination from Zimbabwe. Please check with your countries importation of leather goods rules and regulations.

For more examples of my leather art, please visit my wildlife art gallery.

When Buying Leather Artwork for Sale:

Shipping: Leather Artwork for Sale

The paintings will be rolled in a tube for shipping. This will be via a courier service that provides tracking details.

Dependent on your destination – shipping will take between 4 and 14 days.

Delivery and Opening of Artwork

When receiving your painting be careful when opening and removing from the tube. Leather is very durable and just needs to be unrolled. I do not paint thickly onto the leather so the paint will not crack or peel.

Discuss with your framer the best way to display your painting. There are several methods to display your leather art.

A few suggestions are:

  • Draped over a lounger or sofa.
  • Stretched in a frame with leather twine
  • Hung looped over a piece of natural wood or a spear onto the wall
  • Glued to a piece of wood cut to the shape of the leather and hung on the wall
  • Placed on a wood base cut to the shape of the leather and covered with glass as a table

Care of Leather Oil Paintings

An oil painting does not require glass and mounts when being framed. Oil paint is hard-wearing and durable. It is a personal choice whether you want it framed under glass.

Leather will mark if it gets wet – so it needs protecting if used on a table or where there may be rain or splashes of liquid nearby.

It is also advisable to place your painting where there will be no direct sunlight. This prevents fading and sun damage over time.

Leather Art

Feel free to browse my leather artwork for sale. If you would like to order a painting commission, please enquire and I will be get back you.


I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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Thank you.