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Lioness Color Pencil Drawing

Commission An Artist Online: Easy and Affordable

Most people think that to commission an artist online is daunting and available to only the wealthy. This is not always true!

Art commissions ensure that you get the painting or drawing that you really would like hanging on your wall.

Don’t settle for something – GET WHAT YOU WANT.

However, you do need to know what size, medium and subject matter you want, in order to pass the information to the artist for your commissioned piece.

How To Commission An Artist Online

When a client commissions art the most important item I will ask for is the reference image.

For your custom art piece, please forward, via e-mail, the reference for my perusal. Please bear in mind the reference should be as clear as possible and of a fairly large size for the accuracy of detail.

  • The subject matter should not be too small or in the distance if you are requiring me to do a portrait. A close-up shot is best for detail and accuracy.
  • If you are wanting a landscape, in a landscape format, please try to provide me with the correct format photo. I may not be privy to the fauna of the area and unable to extend a photo to match the measurements of the painting format requested.
  • I may change or adapt the photo in the painting to provide a better composition or focal point. This will be discussed with the client first.

When you commission an artist online we have absolutely no inkling of the character of your pet, what color their eyes are, the special markings on their faces or coats that make them so special to you. The only thing we can rely on to create your special memory is the quality of the photos you send us.

This goes for any reference you forward us – even if it is of a wild animal that you want a portrait of. For us to capture the essence of the animal you admire and want to be reproduced, the clarity of the image is paramount.

Commissioning Artwork: Commission a Painting from a Photograph

What Mediums Are Available If I Wish to Commission a Painting?

I do family portraits, pet portraits and wildlife art from any continent, in a wide range of mediums. These include:

  • Pencil Drawings
  • Color Pencil Drawings
  • Chalk Pastel
  • Oil Paintings

If you wish to view examples of my artwork please visit my wildlife art gallery. There you will find the mediums I work in and past work.

Art Media or Mediums

If you would like to commission a painting – below you will find a description of the various mediums I work in.

You can view my wildlife art gallery to see past works in the various mediums I use.

Leather Art

For leather art, generally, the client states they want an elephant charging or a leopard and allow me to paint what I think is a suitable pose, size, and position. When painting on a piece of leather the size, shape, and color are all unique to each individual hide.

If you would like a specific picture or layout, please forward a high-quality image or images to me via email. I will confirm if they are useable or if I feel any layout changes are required due to the shape and size of the leather.

These paintings are all done in oils for durability and flexibility.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are done on canvas. I can make canvases to client specifications. All oil paintings are shipped off the frame in a tube to their destination. Your framing agent will re-stretch the painting in preparation for your choice of frame.

Chalk Pastels

Chalk pastels are done on pastel paper. There are many colors of pastel paper available, ranging from light to very dark natural tones.

Colored Crayons and Pencil Drawings

Colored crayons and graphite pencil drawings are done on the different colors of pastel paper available or on white watercolor paper.

Shipping Art

Shipping will be by a courier company and once posted a tracking number will be forwarded to you. Generally, the painting or drawing will be rolled and shipped in a tube.

With oils, there is no danger of damage during transit or opening at its destination.

With a pastel drawing, however, I recommend that you take it to a reliable framing center for opening, as chalk pastels are liable to smear/smudge easily.

Paying for Commissioned Art

Payments for commissioned artwork are 50% before work commences with the remainder on completion of the project. Payment will be to a UK based account, a Paypal account or via Western Union or Moneygram.

Once the deposit funds are confirmed I will be in contact to inform you when the completion date will be, then again when work is completed. I e-mail a photograph of the completed work for your inspection and confirm the shipping details. The shipping cost will be included in the original price quoted once I know the destination.

Prices of Commissioned Art

When you find an artist to commission an artwork online – the more information you provide the easier it is for the artist to quote you accurately.

The commission price is based on:

  • Medium
  • Size
  • Subject
  • Complexity (number of subjects required)

The most expensive media is an oil on leather, then oil on canvas with pastel on paper being middle of the range, and a color pencil and graphite pencil drawing being the cheapest media to choose from.

Once you have given me the information and forwarded the images (or else you can request that I do a layout for your approval using my images), I will then quote you according to your specifications.

How Do Commissioned Artworks Work Online?

The following are guidelines on how to buy art online.

Q – Can I order custom-sized paintings?
A – An oil painting on canvas board may not be to the exact size you requested as canvas do come in set sizes. If you are happy to have your painting on a stretched canvas, a frame can be made to your specifications but will be more expensive as it is a custom piece. Pastels can be specified with the maximum paper size being 55 x 75 cm, as with pencil work on paper. Leatherwork is more difficult to specify but a few options can be supplied to you with the size and shape available for your final decision.

Please bear in mind when giving a size to fit into a specific space on your wall, framing widths must be calculated and deducted off your painting size.

Painting Details

Q – Can I specify what medium?
A – The medium is at your discretion with the mediums available being: Oils, Chalk Pastels, Colored Crayons on Pastel Paper or Watercolor Paper and Graphite Pencil on Pastel Paper or Watercolor Paper.

Q – What are the measurements quoted in?
A – All measurements are quoted in centimeters. If possible please give your measurements when specifying a size you require, in centimeters, respectively.

Q – Does the art come ready to hang?
A – No. I do not frame any artwork as it is safer and cheaper to ship rolled in a tube or in a flat-pack if on a board. The client can then have the enjoyment of choosing their own style and color scheme of framing to suit their home.

Q – How do I pay for my custom wall art?
A – Payments for commissioned artwork are 50% before work commences with the remainder on completion of the project. Payment will be to a UK based account or may be sent via Western Union or Moneygram to Zimbabwe.

Q – How long do you take to finish a commission?
A – On average, a painting can take up to 2 or 5 weeks to complete, depending on size and subject matter. On placing your order I will inform you when I can start your commission depending on prior commitments.

Shipping Information

Q – How much is shipping?
A – Shipping will vary according to where in the world the art is being shipped to. Shipping costs will be confirmed once I know the destination and will forward that information. Please note that shipping costs are not included in the price of the paintings.

Q – How will the drawing or painting be shipped?
A – Generally I will ship the painting or drawing rolled in a tube via a courier company that provides a tracking number.

Q – How long do I wait for delivery?
A – Once the painting is in the hands of the courier the average time frame is 4 – 14 days, depending on your country’s customs regulations and destination.

If you have any other inquiries regarding how to commission an artist online for a painting or an original drawing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Take the plunge and commission artwork today!

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