Color Pencil Drawing Techniques

The use of color pencils and their drawing techniques are as varied as there are artists. They take on the individual users style and method of drawing and shading.

Additionally, drawings can be done on a variety of paper types and colors. This fact makes it a very easy and inexpensive technique to master.

There is also a wide range of types of color pencils for artists other than the simple crayon – some are water soluble and also blendable.

Color Pencil Drawing Tips: Artist Coloring Pencils

Water Soluble Color Pencils

Colour Pencil TechniquesWater soluble means that after or during your drawing you use a wet paintbrush over the crayons, this will dissolve the pencil and create a watercolor effect.

You can play with the effects, leaving parts of the painting as crayons, or else, when the paper is dry – draw over the soft watercolor effects you have created with the crayons again, to accent and highlight.

With this method you can create pencil color paintings and achieve watercolor effects as minimally or as extensively as you wish.

If you intend to use water on your drawing – remember to plan ahead and use a good watercolor paper. If you use a sketching paper and apply water, it will buckle and destroy the lovely drawing you initially achieved.

Color pencils or crayons are a very versatile medium that you can layer, blend or watercolor over for a variety of effects.

Blendable Color Pencils

Blendable color pencils need to be soft to allow for easy blending and working with many layers. The same qualities of your medium apply when learning how to use soft pastels. The blending allows the colors to mix and interact with each other to create differing tones and colors as well as achieving bright and opaque tones.

They also glide smoothly over the paper and can achieve fast coverage in bold and soft gradients.

A joy to work with, these can be used in conjunction with other color pencils.

Best Coloring Pencils for Artists

Pencil Colour DrawingPencil color drawing is probably my favourite medium out of all the options I use.

Drawing has always been my preferred “art” but life overtakes you sometimes and commissions played a large part of my work with oil paintings being the mainstay of my income.

When I get the opportunity to do some work for myself and join in a local exhibition or just do something that inspires me – I generally choose to do a drawing in colored pencils, be it large or small.

Using good quality coloring pencils is advisable. The color ranges and quality of the leads allow you to work unhindered and you can achieve the effects you would like.

All the pencils I have are from the Derwent range.

Derwent Color Pencils

What are the best coloring pencils?

In my opinion Derwent drawing pencils are top of my list.

Watercolor Pencils

One of my sets are a Derwent 24 watercolor pencil box – I have only occasionally used them as they are intended, by putting water to them and creating the wonderful watercolor effects they are made for.

They are great to work with and have created many drawings using them.

Blendable Pencils

The other set I use are Derwent blendable color pencils and they are perfect for multiple layering of color and blending. The bigger the set you can manage, the better the choice of colors you will have, and the more tonal ranges you will achieve with these pencils. I thoroughly enjoy using them.

I do mix and match the pencils in my drawings if I need a color that is not available in the one set – there is no hard and fast rule that says you can’t do this.

Make it work for you.

Graphitint Pencils

A different range I have dabbled in is Derwent Graphitint – these are water-soluble tinted graphite pencils. You can use them dry or apply a wetted paintbrush.

These provide just a hint of color to the graphite drawing when used dry. But by applying a wet brush the colors become vibrant and showcase the natural tones that these pencils produce.

Definitely, something to try, they create a different effect that is rather nice and add another dimension to your color pencil drawings.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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